Rt Hon Admiral Hon Edward BOSCAWEN PC - Media
Rt Hon Admiral Hon Edward BOSCAWEN PC - Media
Admial E Boscawen
Portrait by Joshua Reynolds
Boscawen jug
This jug was produced to mark Admiral Edward Boscawen’s victory at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. Louisbourg was an important French fortress and settlement, close to the Newfoundland fishing grounds and the entrance to the Gulf of St Lawrence. Without taking Louisbourg, the British would be unable to attack French forces in Quebec. This commemorative jug was commissioned by the Noble Order of Bucks, a patriotic convivial society who met at the Turk’s Head tavern in Soho.
Admiral Edward Boscawen
Ad Boscawen Monument
Monument to Admiral Boscawen designed by John Adam in St Michael’s Penkerel, near Tregothnan
Inscription on monument to Admiral Boscawen from The Gentleman’s Magazine
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