Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameMoreton FREWEN, 6715
FatherThomas FREWEN MP , 6723
FatherLeonard JEROME , 6702 (1817-1891)
MotherClarissa “Clara” HALL , 6707 (1825-1895)
ChildrenHugh Moreton , 6724 (1883-1967)
 Oswald Moreton , 6725 (1887-1958)
 Clare , 6726 (1885-1970)
Notes for Moreton FREWEN
Moreton Frewen (1853 – 2 September 1924)[1] was an Anglo-Irish writer on monetary reform who served briefly as a Member of Parliament (MP).


He was the fifth son of Thomas Frewen, MP for South Leicestershire, and was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where gained his BA in 1877.[2] He emigrated to Wyoming during the cattle boom in the 1870s and 1880s.[3] A charming if financially incompetent adventurer from an English landed gentry family known for reckless financial and political schemes, [4] he managed to marry Clarita "Clara" Jerome (1851–1935) in 1881, daughter of the New York financier Leonard Jerome, and sister to Lord Randolph Churchill's wife Jennie. They settled together on a huge Wyoming ranch, where Frewen ran up ever increasing debt, earning the sobriquets 'Mortal Ruin' and 'the splendid pauper'.

Returning to the United Kingdom – where he owned homes in London and Cork – Frewen served as Vice President of the Imperial Federation League. He wrote on tariff reform and other economic matters, and was an advocate of bimetallism.

He became involved in Irish affairs through inheriting the Innishannon Estate, some 3000 acres near Cork and through friendship with by Lord Dunraven and Timothy Healy (MP).

He was elected unopposed at the December 1910 general election as an All-for-Ireland League MP for North East Cork,[7] taking his seat in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. He resigned on 5 July 1911[8] because his seat was needed for Healy and because of his reactionary public statements: his opposition to the Parliament Bill to remove the legislative veto of the House of Lords was proving a political liability. Later he signed the British Covenant in support of Ulster, while continuing to engage in political intrigues. He was a brother-in-law of Lord Randolph Churchill and Sir John Leslie of Glaslough. His niece (with whom he was not on good terms) was the second wife of Sir Edward Carson.

He left two sons, Hugh Moreton Frewen, and Captain Oswald Moreton Frewen, Royal Navy (Retired). A daughter was the sculptress and writer Clare Frewen Sheridan. Another daughter, Jasmine, died at birth.
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