Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameHoward FOX , 5162
FatherAlfred FOX , 1254 (1794-1874)
MotherSarah Ann LLOYD , 1255 (1804-1890)
ChildrenCharles Masson , 5166
 Howard Orme , 5167
 Olivia Lloyd , 5168
 Stella , 5169
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Howard Fox (1836-12-10 - 1922-11-15), was a Shipping Agent and played a large part in the economic and cultural development of the town of Falmouth, Cornwall. He was a member of the influential Fox family of Falmouth.

Business interests

The Fox family had built up a diversified set of interests beyond the original shipbroking office. Howard Fox led the central board of the Company.

Consular roles

He was Consul for the United States of America in Falmouth from 1874 until 1905, in succession to his father. In April 1870, He was appointed Vice-Consul for the Republic of the Ecuador.[4] He was appointed Consul for Sweden and Norway in 1896. He became Consul for Denmark in 1909.

Harbour and Dock development

He was also chairman of Falmouth Docks Company for 45 years, succeeding his father.[7]

Scientific interests

He had wide general interests in science and supported the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society and the British Association. At the British Association's Annual Meeting held in Nottingham in September 1893, he read a paper to the Geology Section "The radiolarian cherts of Cornwall". In 1884, he attended the British Association meeting in Montreal, Canada.

He was a member of the Geological Society of London.[8] He served as president of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall in 1893-1894,[9] and in 1897 was awarded the RGSC's prestigious Bolitho Gold Medal.[

He was also interested in ornithology, botany and horticulture. He was given the exotic garden developed by his Uncle Robert, at Rosehill, Falmouth, in 1872

Philanthropy and Peace activities

Along with many other members of the Fox family, he was a Quaker, and engaged with them in various philanthopic projects. He was a founder of Falmouth County School for Girls.

In 1878, he seconded a motion at a public meeting of Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, urging the Government "to maintain in the present crisis [The Russo-Turkish War] the principles of strict neutrality".[16]

Birth, marriage and family

He was born 1836-12-10 at Wodehouse Place, Falmouth, the third son of the twelve children of Alfred Fox (1794–1874) and his wife, Sarah Lloyd (1804–1890).

He married Olivia Blanche Orme (1844–1930) in 1864. They had four children, two boys and two girls. His son, Charles Masson Fox, was a timber merchant and a director of the family Shipping Broking company, G. C. Fox. His son, Howard Orme Fox (17 August 1865 - 7 June 1921) was an Imperial Civil Servant.[18] His daughters, Olivia Lloyd Fox (born 1868[19]) and Stella (Born 1876[20][21]), gave Rosehill Garden to Falmouth Town Council.

He died 1922-11-15 at Rosehill, Falmouth.

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