Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameCharles Henri Maurice BOSMAN , 840
Birth1839, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Death1892, City of London
BurialWest Brompton
OccupationEast India Merchant
FatherHartog Moses BOSMAN , 6057 (1820-1849)
MotherAnna de VRIES , 6058 (1822-1891)
1Shi SZE , 841
Birthc 1843
Family Media
Children Robert , 843 (1862-1956)
 Wai Fook , 863 (1863-1926)
 Kom Tong , 1189 (1866-1950)
 Pak Ngan , 6107
 Walter , 866 (1867-1946)
2PAU, 868
Birth1856, San Francisco
FatherAlexander FORBES , 6064
ChildrenAlexander Rudolph Forbes , 3797 (1879-)
 Irene Maud , 3799 (1881-)
 Bertram Stanley , 3800 (1883-)
 Harold Ralph Forbes , 3801 (1886-)
Notes for Charles Henri Maurice BOSMAN
Of Dutch Jewish background. An officer in the Dutch East India Company then a director of the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Company and part owner of the Hong Kong Hotel which opened in 1868,; By 1869, Bosman was also the Dutch Consul, and running his own marine insurance business, one of whose important clients was Jardines. He later left for England, then became naturalised British citizen in 1888/89. Lived in Redcliffe Square and Bramham Gardens, Kensington, London and died in England.

From Gwulo Old Hong Kong site:

BOSMAN, Charles Henry Maurice.

Dutch born Bosman, arrived in Hong Kong in the late 1850's and joined Cornelius Koopmanschap's company in "the coolie trade" to the Old World. In 1866, when his son Ho Kom Tong was born, Charles Henri Bosman, was listed as a special juror and Merchant, of his own company Bosman and Co. He was part owner of the Hongkong Hotel in 1968 when it opened, and a director of the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Company. By 1869 C.H.M. Bosman was also the Dutch Consul, and running his own business, Bosman & Co. - Marine Insurance, which did good business with Jardine's, where several of his sons later became compradores.

Nothing is printed on how he spent the 1870s, or when he left Hong Kong, but his sons Robert and Walter were educated at the "Central School", Kong Kong (later Queen's College) during that time.

In Australian newspapers, a C.H.M. Bosman is one of the liquidators of a company in London in 1885.

And then we find this:

"Showing the names of all aliens to whom certificates of Naturalisation have been issued since the 8th day of August 1888. Dated August 1889

BOSMAN, Charles Henry Maurice
The Netherlands
15th November 1888
8 Redcliffe Square, London.

A man named Charles Bosman and his American wife are found in the 1881 and 1891 UK censuses as being based in Kensington in London. They had 4 boys and one girl.

So, it seems be became an Englishman and died just 4 years later. in 1892, age 61


Sir Robert Ho Tung Bosman

1898 - If the Governor will vouch for you ...

Treasury decisions under tariff and internal revenue laws, etc, Volume 1
United States. Dept. of the Treasury - 1898

"In support of Mr. Ho Tung's claim that he is a British subject, the certificate of Sir William Robinson, governor and commander-in-chief of the Colony of Hongkong and its dependencies, and vice-admiral of the same, is submitted, setting forth that he has examined affidavits of birth, and has satisfied himself by such examination that Mr. Ho Tung was born in said Colony of Hongkong of Dutch and Chinese parents, on the 22d day of December, 1862"

In 1901, when travelling in New York, Robert Ho Tung used the name 'H.T. Bosman". (see New York Times article). One of the younger brothers chose to use his Western name, Walter Bosman. You can find a Family Portrait, with Walter in Western, and the other children in Chinese clothes - at this powerpoint presentation

In 1908, when voyaging by ship from Hong Kong to London, he was denied the right to land in San Francisco. see New York Times article

San Francisco, 28 September 1908

Polygamy No Harm, Says Son of Dutch Father and Chinese Mother.

Robert Ho Tung Bosman, a Hongkong millionaire, who with two wives and three children arrived from the Orient on the steamer Korea yesterday, will be deported. This decision was reached to-day by a special board of inquiry.

It is said that Bosman, who desires to travel in this country, will appeal from the decision to the Secretary Straus at Wshington. He says he sees no harm in polygamy. His father is Dutch and his mother Chinese. He is a prominent citizen of Hongkong.
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